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Welcome to the All Protection & Security website devoted to Haiti Security.

The purpose of this site is to assure clean-up, construction and re-construction companies considering a Haiti project that professional security is available in Haiti.

While there are plenty of security guard companies in Haiti, there are very few trained, experienced security guards.  In fact, most of the "security guards" working in Haiti today were shopkeepers or gang members yesterday.  

Our guards are a bit different.

First, we utilize experienced, professional Ex-pats whenever possible and whenever budget allows.  It isn't fair to put a starving man in charge of a food distribution site then blame him for helping himself to food.  It also isn't fair (or wise!) to put an untrained, inexperienced "guard" on a post threatened by looters, thieves, gangs or vandals, knowing the "guard" isn't equipped to handle the eventual confrontation.

We do utilize Haitian guards on select projects and have a 90 day "On the Job Training" new-recruit program.  A large part of this program is based on US law enforcement certification standards and includes a strong emphasis on ethics, morals and honor.

If you aren't sure if your journey to Haiti requires the service of a Security company, please see our links page. 

If you're ready to select a security vendor for long or short term projects in Haiti, please call 800/673.1776 today!